With a touch of antigue the modern art stands out


At Blitz exhibition hall you can find art from the finest and most creative artists in Malta. Now and then the place have exhibitions by foreigners. The place is full of life during the evenings. If you fancy modern new art to gasp over or just want to go through the kitschy cameras’ for sale, Blitz is the place to go to get a bit of culture and to get the new vibes of the culture life on the rocks. If you perhaps do not like modern art, you might still enjoy it due to the unique and lovely house the exhibitions are held in. Old maltese architecture as its best!

Whiskey bar with the greatest Olives

On the old party street in Valletta, Straight Street, you will find the Whiskey bar with the greatest Olives and tapas served with a great variety of whiskey. The place is quite tiny, but the atmosphere is good. Underground cellar, with great service and as said the best olives in town. Any eve is good to be here, so stop by when you have the opportunity to StrEat Whisky & Bistro!


Eco Veggies

On Saturday morning you can find ecologically grown veggies and fruit at the Farmers market in Birgu, Malta. The veggies are amazing and do not cost anything in comparison to what you have to pay in the supermarkets. Worth a try to wake up an early saturday to take a look and be surprised of the fantastic Eco-grown vegetables and fruits that do exist in Malta.

As soon as you enter the main gate at Birgu, you take the first street to the right and there you have it! Enjoy

A pool in the sea


In the south of Malta there are lots of golden spots a tourist easily miss. Peters’ Pool is one of those places. Peters pool is a rocky beach by Marsaxlokk, which is quite hard to get to if you do not have a car. But if you manage! You will be stunned. Peters pool is a natural cavity created in the sea. The depth of the see-through turquoise water is deep even though the eyes are fooled. No wonder why so many of the visitors are jumping down the cliffs with not even a second thought.

The beach is tranquil and calm. There is nothing here except rock, people and the sea. If you need to go to the toilet, use the nature. If you need water to drink, you should have brought it with you from the beginning. You might be lucky though to have the ice-cream van up the hill from the sea.

Peters Pool is The place for a silent refuge for the people who like to escape tourist areas. Go and experience this wonderful place yourself and take a jump or two from the cliffs!

Modern restaurant with the view of Maltas pride

La Cucina Del Sole is the restaurant with lovely italian traditional food. Built in the new area of Tigne Port in Malta. The Restaurant is modern and the view is magically overlooking Valletta – Maltas pride. Breath taking! The view of course contributes to your visit greatly, however, the food is great and the service is great as well. You should try the linguine con calamari e carciofe. Absolutely my favourite dish on the Rocks of Malta!


The wine bar with a big V

Del Borgo in Birgu, Malta is the wine bar everyone talks about and my! – It is nice! The service is absolutely fantastic and everything is high-class – even the cheapest wine. The bar is located in the basement of an old house built by the Knights and all sorts of interesting people meet here. The atmosphere cannot be cozier. There is wine from here and there and the food…. its great. The best thing which is a bit different compared to other bars/ restaurants in Malta is that most of the food menu is actually Vegetarian. So the wine bar is idyllic for vegetarians out there. For us non-vegetarians, we do have lovely amazing dishes to choose from as well. It is hard to describe this bar more – I truly suggest you go there and try it out yourself! Booking is to recommend. Prepare yourself to be Amazed!



Pretty bay ain’t pretty but grows on you

A favourite spot for me and my man is Pretty Bay in Birzebuggia, Malta. A bay which is artificial and located in an area with low status. The bay was constructed in the 1970s by importing desert sand from Libya. The sand was so fine so most of the sand flew away in the first try, however at second go, the sand remained and the artificial beach was created. The beach have the view of the Birzebuggia hills and the port. The port…. which at first glance really destroy the lovely view.However, with time, the port becomes beautiful. Why and how you might ask; the view of The important port of the island symbolizes working class, stability of the government and pride of the people. Sure the crane and the containers are ugly in many ways, but the industrial beauty do not destroy the view of the beach after the second, third or fourth visit.

Pretty Bay is fantastic – clean, long beach with an upgraded walk way around and a large kids area. It is quiet, calm, peaceful and you have everything you need nearby. Few tourist is coming and the few Maltese that take their space on the beach is actually cleaning up after themselves. During the summer months there is even life guards on the spot.

The best part though, is that during the spring and autumn/ winter months – the beach is empty even though the water is still warm! This year, 2013, this beach has been the place to go to for the ones that likes to swim without hitting other people in the go, to go to a clean beach, to relax while exercising and just enjoying the best with Malta – The turquoise mediterranean sea.

This beach is absolutely to recommend, just do not mind the crane and container port to your right!

Hidden Golden Thai Place in Gzira

The restaurant/ bar does not look like anything special from the outside or due to the “vintage/ antique shop” decoration inside. But you will be amazed about the food! The Thai food at Times Gone By at Gzira, Malta is FANTASTIC! I never been to Thailand myself but the Pad Thai at Times gone by is the best I ever had.

Absolutely worth a visit! Check their website at:


Playing on the dark side of the moon

Dear runner, walker, bicycle and motorbicycle rider. I know that life can be a bit boring sometimes and that it might be necessary to seak adventures now and then. But is an adventure really worth a game of life or death? Walking, running, cycling in total darkness wearing dark cloths and no highlightning or reflecting material, is a kind of danger which is totally unnecessary to provoke.

Would it kill you to put on a highlightning west?

The hardest nut to crack – A Sunday Tradition

Sunday is most probably the best day during a week. And in Malta it shows. People go out with friends and family for a drink, barbecue, long lunch or just to sit and watch the waves and the sunset. It is a fantastic view when going along beaches, view points and along nature tracks. So much people enjoying the Sunday tranquil and the lovely country Malta together with the people they love.

However, there is something I personality have a hard time understanding. There is a custom, which i have started to call doing a Maltese, which is when people take their car, goes away from their house and park them randomly. On hills with view points but also on a random parking lot. Then the people in the car just sit there. Maybe eating something small and traditional as Pastizzi with tea and then they just sit.

From an outside perspective this looks interesting. Sitting in the car, with the whole family, with beautiful nature around you and just be silent……why not step out, do some activity with your folks or have a conversation together? Why still sitting in the car when it is lovely weather outside?

AND why sit together in a car in a parking lot for hours with no beautiful views around you? Why?

I think this is the hardest Maltese nut to crack. When i can understand why, and when i want to do the same, i have surely become an Maltese. So fascinating and so intriguing for my mind.